Connecting With Fellow Creatives
Come join us every month for your favourite meetup(s). Nothing helps to reinforce a practice than by scheduling it in and making it a ritual.  Connect with like minded creatives while working on your journal, letter or paper project. Scheduled from 6-8pm on the same day every month for convenience, we’ll be serving up stamps, stickers and washi tapes to get a great night of creative work done. Every month we'll change up themes to add some surprise to every meetup. You are also welcome if you are new to journaling, letter writing or are curious about the travelers notebook.

RSVP by adding the meetups you'd like to rsvp to in your shopping cart and following the checkout instructions. As seating is limited, if you are unable to attend, please send us a quick note to to cancel to provide all wait-listed people ample opportunity to attend sold out events. 
Please Note: Your seating is only confirmed if you receive a confirmation email from us. Customers who continually book and not show up/cancel last minute will forfeit future reservations out of courtesy to those who are wait listed.